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Photo Critique Online Workshop

What is and is not working on your images? Critique session help to improve composition and framing about your images to a higher level in your photography.

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FEEDBACK: Photo Critique Online Workshop

I have known Mathias for couple of years and seen his work, attended his talks and some discussions on my projects etc.  A few weeks back, I decided to ask Mathias to do have a critique of a select set of images from a project I am working on. 

My ask was simple – I wanted to further improve my photography and wanted to honest feedback. I picked 7 images from the project and shared it with him beforehand. Also shared with him background of the project. 


During the photo critique session, I found Mathias genuinely wanting to help, giving honest thoughtful and helpful suggestions. Importantly, he kept it professional. Using Photoshop he also demonstrated how would the image could look like if I had approached it from a different angle, different framing or had I been closer to the subject. With some images he shared his thoughts on why a certain composition is good or could have ben better. 


Reflecting on the session, constructive criticism is an essential part of growing as a photographer – in the session he made me aware of some of my strengths just as my weaknesses (improvement areas). Most importantly, Mathias was be able to offer suggestions on how to improve my image making process and what are other images I should consider making for my project.




I thank you for conducting the private two-hour session on framing and composition. I had taken up photography over thirty years ago and had expected myself to already know these 'basic' skills. So I was interested to see how you would present this online and how else I could improve in this aspect. 


The two hours zipped by so quickly because you had so much to share and your illustrations enabled me to visualize how I could have composed those photos for greater impact. Not only were your ideas innovative and constructive but your ability to articulate helped my learning experience. 


There were lots to takeaway from the session and it is clear how a well composed and properly exposed shot translates to minimal post processing work. Your concept of identifying the photo subject and including 'elements' in the photo also bears testament to your professional work. 


Importantly, you have re-ignited my love for photography and the next session will be a one-on-one photo walk with you to further refine the skills you have so generously imparted. 


Many thanks and deeply appreciated!

Clarence Sim

2nd June 2020

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