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"The person who looks at the photographs feels as if they are 
there."..through the lens of his camera, Mathias Heng tells the 
people's stories - ordinary lives which are extraordinarily 
resilient. Many of you who open these pages will not have been to 
East Timor, but you will be drawn nonetheless, beckoned into the 
world of the East Timorese - into the lives, the warmth and humanity 
of a people who never stopped believing in who they are." - wrote 
Michele M Gierck.


Price is in US dollars.

Viva Timor Loro S'ae (Long Live East Timor)

    • Photographs by Mathias Heng
    • Publication 2002
    • Hard cover
    • Monochrome images 
    • 111 pages, 22 x 30 cm. 
    • ISBN: 0-9581456-0-1
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